Riverbend Event Center
Fayetteville, Tennessee

by Gray Photography

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Heather & Ray Wedding Highlights

With the beautiful foothills of Tennessee as the backdrop, this wedding was like a dream. Everything from Heather's smile to Ray's sense of humor - even from the emotional ceremony to the carriage ride off into the sunset - everything, was beautiful. Ok, technically, the sun was setting on the opposite side of the carriage ride, but it was sunset either way, you naysayer. And back at the lodge, the reception was crazy! Heather, Ray, and what seemed like 200 of their best friends, danced the night away and passed the mic around on their favorite (or "favorite") songs.

Leming Wedding Highlight Trailer
Nashville Wedding Videographer

Join Katie and Brandon for a one-song Highlight Trailer of their wedding celebration at Riverbend in Fayetteville, Tennessee. A history of cheerleading on both sides makes for some crazy maneuvers during portraits and especially on the dance floor! The Lemings are a perfect match of fun, talent and undeniable affection. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Leming!
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Riverbend Wedding and Event Center
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Men's Wearhouse
Reverend Pat Hood
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